UK Trip: Day Four

Today was a more relaxed day. We went to Dover by car and saw the White Cliffs of Dover in all their beauty and majesty.P1040162.JPG

The cliff-faces are white as they mainly constitute of limestone. The repeated assault of the sea-tides prevents growth of vegetation on the sides. The Cliffs are scenically beautiful with smooth azure waters on one side contrasting the vivid intense greenery on the other side.

The sea here is the English Channel so if one looks carefully  vague but discernible smudges on the horizon  which are the French coast can be seen. Many large ferry vessels operate here carrying hundreds of cars each across the Channel.


A little way to the left on the French coast lies Dunkirk where the famous evacuation of Allied troops occurred during WW2. The British are simply obsessed with the Second World and can’t get enough of it!

Hence there’s no coincidence that we next went to a Battle of Britain memorial. At the entrance there is a stone carving of Churchill’s famous quote:” Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”. We saw life-sized models of the Spitfire and the Hurricane, the two great fighter planes used in the Second World War. These were entirely and truly British in design, manufacture and use. They symbolize the British War effort like little else.



Afterwards we stopped at a large pit-stop building where truck drivers and other commuters can refresh themselves. I invested four pounds in the attractive slot-machines but got no returns.This gave me a chance to really acquaint myself with the UK pound coin. It is satisfyingly thick compared to other coins and shines golden-bright.


I picked up the Daily Mail and the Times. There was a  delightful feature on the importance of manners in modern society in the Mail.


The evening afforded us the opportunity to make acquaintance with apple cider and pear cider.


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