Weekends at NITK

There is a sublime, eternal quality to the weekly  break at NITK. The terrible burden of rushing to class by 7.55 a.m. falls off one’s shoulders. The lack of interruption by classes gives free rein to a wide range of possibilities. Of course, it varies in duration: for some it starts on Friday night or even Thursday night, for others it’s restricted to the confines of Saturday morning to nightfall on Sunday. That’s right, we have  two full days off, unlike the poor sods at Manipal or the floating wonders in Bangalore.

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Man is a sum of his habits. We’re guided and influenced by our habits more than we’d care to admit. Personal hygiene, capacity for hard work and moral integrity are all shaped by deeply ingrained,sometimes even unconscious,  habits. Each of us is nothing but a mass of habits. Most of us associate this word with antisocial “bad habits” like smoking or alcoholism. However there are several patterns of behaviour which if cultivated lead to a more productive and fruitful life: being courteous to others, daily exercise, attempting to avoid lies, getting up by 5:30 AM, frugal eating habits and so on.

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In praise of Arthur Hailey


There is a certain type of novel which pulls you into a marvelous ecosystem and leaves you wondering at the bustling enterprise and unquenchable spirit of the men and women running this mini-world. Arthur Hailey is probably the creator and undoubted Master of this genre. He had spent a lifetime meticulously chronicling the great advancements in old industries and new ones in the latter half of the twentieth century. Each of these varied sectors (hotel management in Hotel, aviation in Airport, banking in Moneychangers to name a few) play such crucial roles in modern life that we can’t conceive life without them; Hailey brings forth their wonders, secrets, achievements and fallacies in unparalleled style.

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