Weekends at NITK

There is a sublime, eternal quality to the weekly  break at NITK. The terrible burden of rushing to class by 7.55 a.m. falls off one’s shoulders. The lack of interruption by classes gives free rein to a wide range of possibilities. Of course, it varies in duration: for some it starts on Friday night or even Thursday night, for others it’s restricted to the confines of Saturday morning to nightfall on Sunday. That’s right, we have  two full days off, unlike the poor sods at Manipal or the floating wonders in Bangalore.

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Fostering an abundance mentality

-Aditya Nishtala


Indians, in general, operate from a scarcity mentality. Whenever we queue up, we do so in great haste as though standing a few places back carries grave consequences. I have observed this even in international flights returning to India.

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